November Update from Rob at The Maynard

Hello! Well, this is a bit different, isn’t it?

I had this month’s latest blog all planned out last week. As we were gearing up for a Halloween evening of great food, great wine and great company (with not a trick or treater in sight), we got the shock news of the press conference and thanks to leaks to the press, knew our best-laid plans were about to be put on hold.

It had been a really uplifting and exciting October. We’d got into a socially distanced sanitary groove with our diners, hotel guests and bar regulars.

Our new sales and marketing manager, Sally Potter, had been hard at work organising a jam-packed calendar of COVID-secure events giving us all something to look forward to.

We were planning our upcoming Christmas food photoshoot, had staycation bookings galore and were just going over some final touches to our upcoming wine tasting event.

Then, like the rest of the nation, for hours we anxiously checked BBC, Sky and Twitter to hear the dreaded news we’d all feared.

Lockdown 2.0 – The Battle Plan

There is no denying that if we ever want a sense of normality back in our lives, we must all do what we can to protect ourselves and the most vulnerable in society.

It would’ve been easy to hear the news, realise we needed to shut (again) and gone off weeping into a bottle or twelve of Malbec.

Alas, this was not the case and if there’s one thing that 2020 has taught us as independent business owners, it’s that we can cope with more than we realise.

What I didn’t realise, and what really shocked and touched me, was how our team at The Maynard reacted.

“What can we do?" “I want to help" “We can do this!"

Were the battle cries from our amazing, dedicated team.

We employ local people of all ages and every single person was full of motivation and energy to get into the zone, ready to pivot once again.

When you’re an independent business, and like us here, a NEW independent business (remember, we’d been open for 6 weeks before lockdown 1.0 started!), you don’t expect everyone to have the same drive and hunger to make the business work.

I eat, sleep and breathe The Maynard and it’s on my shoulders to provide the livelihood for my team. In 2020, that’s been my main focus. Can we do enough so that our team can earn what they need to support themselves and their families? Can we do enough to help our community in these times? Can we do enough to maintain the supply chain of our local suppliers and immediate economy?

I would never expect my team to feel like this is their burden but they have embraced it with a zest for life and unshakeable enthusiasm.

We’ve been talking about the importance of our community having “things to look forward to"  and that’s been the drive for the team.

“People will want to treat themselves on the weekend,"

“People will want to plan nice things."

“People might even want to wander down to us and see our familiar faces for a change of scenery."

The conversations between the team were not about profit margins, upselling and marketing. It was all about how we could make the best of the situation the best for our customers. I cannot begin to tell you how proud that made me.


Our philosophy is that we want you to #enjoymore at The Maynard.

However, if you can’t #enjoymore here, we will make sure we bring The Maynard to you!

Starting Friday, November 6, we will be offering our customers a carefully curated dine-in at home menu which will be available Friday, Saturday and Sunday lunch.

We can deliver within a 5-mile radius to those shielding, unable to commute or those who do not feel comfortable heading out.

Payment for takeaway meals is upon collection or for those who we are delivering to, we will send you the link to our online payment portal.



Make sure you make your selection and order by email by Thursday at 5pm.

THIS WEEK ONLY: Order food for Friday evening or Friday afternoon tea by 5pm Thursday 5th November.

Order food for Saturday evening, Sunday lunch or afternoon tea by Friday 6th November at 5pm.

Each week we will bring to you the finest foods made from locally sourced produce.

We will have a meat, fish and vegetarian/vegan option each weekend, along with afternoon tea available Friday – Sunday and Sunday roast dinner available on Sunday afternoons.

alcohol orders

We are permitted to sell alcohol to customers over 18 years of age during the lockdown. Orders must be received via email and collected during pre-arranged times.

Bottled wine, bottled beers and packaged soft drinks may also be delivered as part of our takeaway delivery service.


Gift vouchers are available at The Maynard. We can mail these directly to your recipient in any denomination from £10.

You may also collect gift vouchers when collecting takeaway food, but please let us know in advance so we can get them ready for you.

Let your loved ones use their Maynard vouchers for future staycations, future events or even a dine-in at home meal during lockdown.


We will also be utilising this time to continue the renovation and upkeep of the hotel. I expect us to be getting out the paintbrushes and sandpaper very soon!

We shall remain upbeat and positive as a team and do all we can to help you #enjoymore at this time.

Wishing you and your family a happy, safe and comfortable November.

Rob and your team at The Maynard

Rob Hattersley – Managing Director


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