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We are family

When you start working at The Maynard, you are not just considered an employee.  You become family. We treat all of our team with the highest respect and our friendly management style makes everyone feel at ease.  Rob has always pride himself on having a very high staff retention rate, which is why many of the senior team followed him from his previous posting.

We believe in staff morale, happiness and a good quality work to life balance.  We pay competitive wages, alongside fantastic benefits and staff discounts.  Employees have the opportunity to develop and progress their skills further and grow as we do, as a company.

7 additional bedrooms, expected high levels of trade and the commencement of weddings & events is the reasoning for us looking for passionate individuals to help sail the big ol’ ship that is The Maynard, to the next destination in her voyage.

Duty Manager – Full time

To assist the senior management in the day to day running of the operation.  Hours for this role may vary from opening for breakfast, closing in the evening or somewhere in between.  The duty manager will be promoting excellence at all times and ensuring every customer is beyond satisfied.


The face of the business.  They will be checking in and out guests from the hotel, seating customers in the restaurant as well as taking bookings and administrative tasks.

Bar & waiting staff

Full or part time positions.  The main purpose is to serve our guests and to provide complete consumer happiness

Housekeeping staff

Scheduled between 10am – 3pm, housekeepers ensure that our guests enter into luxury the moment they enter into their bedrooms.

Cream of the crop?

Are you passionate about premium drinks, fresh food, fantastic guest journey?  Then we want to hear from you.

Our ethos is that we recruit on personality.  We train and develop to give those with the drive the skills to succeed.  Experience is not necessarily required.  Personality and enthusiasm is essential.

Being a hospitality venue, weekend work is a requirement of every position.

Should you want to apply for a role, or if we can offer any further information, please email us at enjoymore@the-maynard.com.

We cannot wait to hear from you!


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