Our Winter Menu has launched at The Maynard

Sink Your Teeth Into Delectable New Dishes at The Maynard

We are dedicated to bringing you the freshest, most exciting dishes to The Maynard and we are thrilled to introduce our brand new menu.

Reflecting locally grown and sourced produce from the season, our new menu has been a collaborative affair between managing director, Rob and head chef Adrian.

Together, the pair have pooled their collective expertise, international travel experience and variety of modern cooking methods to create the new menu. 

They’ve worked tirelessly on flavour combinations and global taste inspirations to bring you these exciting, sophisticated yet fuss-free dishes.

Our favourites

Asking us to pick a favourite dish is like asking us to pick a favourite child!

But… you’ve twisted our arm so here’s the team’s favourites from our brand spanking new menu.

Rob – Managing director

“I love the slow-cooked pork osso bucco. This Italian dish is rich in flavour thanks to the meatiness and tang of the parmesan polenta cake coupled with the braised red cabbage. The flavours combine for a rich taste sensation thanks to the gravy and gremolata."

adrian – head chef

“For me it has to be the Pan-fried duck breast with a crispy wasabi duck ball, served with an orange sweet & sour sauceThe two contrasting flavours fuse into the most moreish dish.

Ben – Brand & Marketing Manager 

“It’s such a hard choice but I’ve really got into the crispy pork belly croquette with chorizo mayo and frisée salad from the starter menu. These pork belly bites are melt-in-your-mouth with a hint of crisp. Delicious!"


“I love the scallops from the starter menu. It’s a taste bud confusion this one! The sharp taste of the fennel fights back and forth with the heat of the wasabi and the saltiness of the soy dressing. It’s a must-try!"

Victoria – General manageR

“I love it all but I cannot resist the pão de queijo Brazilian cheese bites off the nibbles menu. The tomato salsa is so fresh and vibrant on the palate. What makes this starting dish even better is it is completely gluten-free! Perfect for sampling while perusing the menu."


Ready to learn more? You can view the full menu here.


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