You asked, I said no. Then I gave in. Why I was wrong about cocktails

I’ll admit when I’m wrong.

And I think I might have been wrong on this one.


You asked. In fact, you asked a lot. And I just kinda kept going “La la la la" in my head and figuratively putting my fingers in my ears.

What the heck Rob? It’s 2022! Give the people a damn cocktail if they want one!

The One Man Vendetta Against Cocktails

The problem is, I don’t drink cocktails and over the years I have developed a little one-man vendetta against them.

Remember that TV show, Room 101? Where celebrities would put things they hated into Room 101 to be destined to be gone forever? Well if I ever got famous and got to go on a remake of that show, I’d put cocktails in Room 101 to be banished forever.

I don’t like them because I’m an impatient drinker. When I go to the bar to order a beer or a wine, there’s nothing more frustrating than a mass order of cocktails that just got in there before you. The bar person then does a homage to Tom Cruise with a lot of jiggery pokery shakery, faffing with mini metal sieves and decorating the drinks with garden foliage or pointless peppercorns. Meanwhile, I’ve lost the will to live just waiting for a pint of pale ale for 20 minutes.

But the number one rule of business is to know your customer and deliver what they want.

Our customers want cocktails at The Maynard and our sister venue, The George at Hathersage.

So I have agreed to put up, shut up and solve this with the following solution.

The Cocktail Compromise

In the spirit of compromise and a softly softly approach, I have conceded defeat and we have partnered with Bacardi and Franklin and Sons to bring you a hand-picked and hand-crafted small cocktail menu.

I’ve purposely selected cocktails that don’t require some Crystal Maze level of cocktail-making conundrums and ones that I know you will love.

How do I know?

Because I only went and tried them.

Even though every cell in my body wanted to hate them and moan that they were unnecessary blights on an otherwise beautiful drinks menu, I have to put my big boy pants on and am ready to say “Sorry, you were all right and I was wrong."

You can’t go wrong with an Aperol Spritz, although I’m not sure if I’d classify that strictly in the cocktail category. The Strawberry Lemongrass Spritz was a delight on the palate featuring Grey Goose Essences Strawberry & Lemongrass, Dry Martini, Franklin & Sons Ginger Ale. The French Summer isn’t one to be missed as that mixes the herbal rosemary with white peach vodka, St. Germain and Italian sparkling wine.

Take a look at our cocktail menu here and let me know what you think when you try it.

Who knows? I may be converted and you may see new cocktails added over the next few months. We’ve already started thinking of Summer inspired cocktails to launch in 2023.

Our cocktail menu launches on Monday, October 31st.

I will probably drink a few to wash down the humble pie I now need to eat!


Rob Hattersley
Managing Director
Longbow Bards & Restaurants


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