Why We’re Not Opening on Christmas Day at The Maynard


Once upon a time when I worked in venues run by PLCs, I was a number and my job was driven by numbers.

I found myself increasingly frustrated by faceless corporate decisions made by people in big offices in London with little regard for our area, our community and our staff.

As the focus became on the balance sheet rather than what was right, cuts were made, overheads slashed, people worked harder and harder and work became unbearable.

The morale was low, staff retention was abysmal and it started to affect me too. I felt like I couldn’t change it. So the only other option was to sell my home and open my own place.

When I founded Longbow Venues and opened The Maynard, I vowed to do things differently and never compromise on quality or people.

That’s one of the driving factors for closing this Christmas Day.

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Last year, we made the decision that we wouldn’t be opening on Christmas Day this year at The Maynard and The George. 

Now, sadly the Universe manifested the closure of The George a little early with the flood damage caused by Storm Babet last month. We’re on with repairs but will be closed at The George Hathersage for a few more months.

The staff mean everything to us at The Maynard and The George. I always say I wouldn’t do anything I wouldn’t expect a team member to do. So when I found myself torn with the knowledge that, as the boss, of course I could take Christmas Day off, it gave me the ick and felt wrong.

This feels good, this feels right

I’d been pensive about the festive period anyway. Losing my grandmother last year and realising all the Christmases I missed the opportunity to celebrate with her made me think of all the connection, Christmas memories and traditions my team would be missing out on too.

Closing on Christmas Day means giving some team members their very first Christmas Day off with their families in decades. That feels good. That feels right.

So what are we doing instead? Read on…

Making Up For Christmas Day – The Christmas Eve Lunch & Christmas Day Takeaways

All is not lost for those of you who are wondering what the heck you’ll do without your Maynard fix this Christmas Day.

Christmas Dinner takeaways will be available to order and collect on Christmas Eve. Whether you’re doing something super small and intimate or you want to have the cooking taken care of for the big family gathering, we can help. Call us 01433 424110 or email enjoymore@the-maynard.com to order yours.

The Biggest Christmas Programme Yet

At The Maynard, we’ve organised the BIGGEST Christmas programme of events yet.

From wine pairing dinners to breakfast with Santa, Christmas markets to pie and peas suppers. There’s so much happening at The Maynard this December.

Click the button below to download the full festive programme.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and we can’t wait to see you in The Maynard.


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