Feast of Festive Memories: The Maynard’s Christmas Eve Extravaganza Unveils Peak District’s Nostalgic Flavours!

What's your most nostalgic festive food?

At The Maynard we sent out a survey and had a whopping 2000+ of you respond to help us uncover Derbyshire's top-notch Christmas grub and tipple that takes us all back to Christmases gone by.

And guess what? The Maynard's about to drop a Taste of Christmas Special – a Christmas Eve feast that's like a blast from the past, featuring all the nostalgic goodies that topped our survey. Join us as we recreate the magic of your favourite festive flavours in a culinary escapade that defies time.

The Grumpah Band will be on hand to entertain and get everyone in the Christmas spirit. These hilarious and talented musicians will have your feet tapping and your heart thumping all afternoon.

Executive chef, Adrian Gagea, has gone all out to develop this most memorable menu. It's not one to be missed!

Take a look here;

Pigs in Blankets Take the Gold

In our survey, the undisputed rockstars of Christmas nostalgia were those little wonders we call pigs in blankets. Those little sausages in a bacon blanket stole the show, triggering memories from many Christmases past.

Christmas Pudding – A Close Second

It seems our crowd just can't resist the allure of this rich, fruity masterpiece, making it a heavyweight in their Christmas celebrations.

Prosecco is the Top Choice for a Festive tipple

It seems like Prosecco topped the survey charts when it came to the best drink to have with Christmas dinner. You can't beat a bit of festive fizz!

The Magic of Togetherness

At The Maynard, we believe in the transformative power of bringing people together, especially during the festive season. Christmas, beyond its dazzling lights and sumptuous feasts, holds a profound significance in uniting families and friends.

That's why our Christmas Eve Extravaganza has been created with family-style sharing platters. We want you to all dig in, get close, connect, have fun and truly enjoy the festive feast.

This Christmas, join us at The Maynard in celebrating the magic of togetherness. Because, in the end, it's not just about the food—it's about creating moments that resonate with warmth, love, and the joy of being surrounded by those who matter most.

Can you recognise these festive faces?

On that note, we've been getting nostalgic at The Maynard and sharing our stories of Christmases gone by. I asked our team to dig out some of their best Christmas memories from their childhood. Can you recognise anyone?

Katie gets into the festive spirit in her school nativity

Sales and Marketing Manager, Charlotte, gets a piano for Christmas

Manager of The George, Alice, enjoying her first Christmas in her crib

The Maynard's Liv and her family visit Santa

Talent & Succession Manager Jack was over the moon with his Batman costume for Christmas

Office Manager Vic has always been everyone's angel in disguise

Ops manager Steve has always been a knight in shining armour

Marketing exec Verity taking her Christmas play role very seriously

Closed Christmas Day

Now, in the spirit of the season, let me get a bit sentimental. Last year, after losing my dear grandma, I made the call to give The Maynard's hardworking staff a well-deserved Christmas break this year. It might seem small, but it's all about recognising that Christmas is a time for reflection, gratitude, and being with loved ones. So we are closed Christmas Day apart from takeaways.

Our Christmas Eve Extravaganza will be the last event in the lead-up to Christmas Day at The Maynard.

We have a very limited number of spaces left. Click here to book.


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